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Thoughts and Things

Clare, Ada. "Thoughts and Things." New-York Saturday Press. 10 Mar. 1860: 2.

In this column, Clare discusses Hawthorne's newest novel, The Marble Faun. While Clare calls Hawthorne "with one exception, the best prose-writer in America," she finds The Marble Faun somewhat inferior to Hawthorne's other works (2). Clare discusses his female characterization, claiming that he does not accurately depict women's emotions, actions, or relationships with one another. She does, however include an "extract" from the novel, "the most powerful scene in the book," called "The Faun's Transformation" (2). Clare also briefly discusses the performance of Marie-Jeanne out la Femme du Peuple she attended at the French Theatre. Clare praises the production and Madame Laurett's acting skills. She praises the French Theatre in general and recommends attenting its dramatic performances to anyone who is attempting to learn French.

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