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Thoughts and Things

Clare, Ada. "Thoughts and Things." New-York Saturday Press. 13 Mar. 1860: 2.

In this column, Clare discusses the different types of prejudice that exist. First, she mentions the "most perfectly contemptible" example, the "snob-man of society" (2). She follows this with a discussion of "moral and social" prejudice held by those who fear those who are different from them (2). Clare claims these people are fooling themselves when they think that those who they have scorned for being different suffer and languish under their criticism. Clare praises the free thinkers and the free actors. Clare also mentions parental prejudice in child rearing. Clare claims that artists "are less subject to blind prejudice than most classes of men" and gives a description of the "landscape" of prejudice and liberality (2). Her picture calls for open-mindedness and general social harmony and spirituality.

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