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The Fine Arts. A Reception

[Clapp, Henry Jr. and Robert W. Pearsall]. "The Fine Arts. A Reception." New York Saturday Press. 14 Feb. 1860: 2.
art criticism

This column discusses the most recent reception held at Dodworth Hall. The column calls the most recent reception "exceedingly brilliant" and discusses the art work on display (2). The column also briefly mentions notable attendees.

People who Created this Work

People Mentioned in this Work

Boughton, George [pages:2]

The column mentions two of Boughton's works as part of the collection of artwork on display during Thursday's reception at Dodworth Hall (2).

de Gurowski, Adam [pages:2]

Count Gurowski is listed as one of the notable attendees at last Thursday's "reception" at Dodworth Hall (2).

Thompson, Launt [pages:2]

The column mentions that Launt Thompson displayed two bas reliefs at the previous reception but did not display anything during this most recent event (2).