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Waifs from Washington IX. Highly Important

[Clapp, Henry Jr. and Robert W. Pearsall]. "Waifs from Washington IX. Highly Important." New York Saturday Press. 14 Feb. 1860: 2.

In this column, Umos begins by correcting his error in reporting that Lord Lyon is a married man and informs the reader that the British politician is a bachelor. Umos discusses the continued lack of a Speaker in the House of Representatives and also mentions the commotion during the previous week when the House decided to remove women from the floor before beginning its session. Umos questions women's right to be present at House proceedings. Umos also makes a brief mention of the Washington theater. He reports on the current lectures at the Smithsonian and reprints a small sample of one of the most recent lectures. Umos also identifies a small bit of plagiarism by States and Union and lists the week's social events attended by and hosted by prominent politicians.

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The Saturday Press [pages:2]

Umos reprints "Not So Bad" from the previous issue of the Saturday Press which appeared in the Washington paper States and Union the previous evening (2).

Wilkins, Edward (Ned) [pages:2]

Umos announces the Washington theater "with compliments to Personne" (2).