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Thoughts and Things

Clare, Ada. "Thoughts and Things." New York Saturday Press. 28 Jan. 1860: 2-3.

Clare begins her column with a discussion of the conclusion of Miss Harriett Prescott's "Amber Gods" in the Atlantic Monthly. Clare also draws attention to Rose Terry's "humorous sketch" "Matilda Muffin" in the same magazine. Clare discusses the current roles of literary men and women and her desire to be addressed as "an highly intelligent being without any weaknesses" by men who seek to chastise her in the press (2). Clare then engages in a long discussion of fathers in the abstract and their relations to their children. Clare highlights the father's antagonistic relationship to his son versus his loving relationship with his mother, citing the father's poor start as a cause. Clare claims that men see their wives as "mere childbearing creatures," an attitude their children sense and resent (2). Clare discusses the possibilities for the harmony of the family if men could change their views on their wives and children.

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