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Waifs from Washington VII. Typ-orthography

[Clapp, Henry Jr. and Robert W. Pearsall]. "Waifs from Washington VII. Typ-orthography." New York Saturday Press. 21 Jan. 1860: 2.

In this column, Umos touches on several topics, including his troubles with spelling and Classic languages and his inability to understand certain elements of women's dress. Umos's remarks on women's dress lead him to a discussion of the worries in Virginia about obtaining clothing caused by the tensions between North and South. Umos reprints some of the advice to women that appeared in the Richmond Whig. Umos ends his column by reprinting an letter from "Malakoff" that appeared in the New York Times about an American citizen who was imprisoned for refusing to be drafted into French military service. Umos offers his personal commentary on the situation.

People who Created this Work

People Mentioned in this Work

Clare, Ada [pages:2]

Umos claims he will leave the problem of explaining women's dress to Clare and predicts how she will answer his questions. Umos also refers to her comments about Bloomers (2).

Seymour, Charles [pages:2]

Umos discusses Charley Seymour's abilities with Greek (2).

Whitman, Walt [pages:2]

Umos discusses how a pun he made about Whitman's Leaves of Grass the previous week was corrected by the typesetter as a spelling mistake (2).

Willis, Nathaniel [pages:2]

Umos refers to Willis's comments about dress styles (2).