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Thoughts and Things

Clare, Ada. "Thoughts and Things." New York Saturday Press. 14 Jan. 1860: 2.

Clare expresses her feelings on women's fashion and men's input in the current fashion trends. She argues against heavy, straining garments that preserve "public modesty" but that endanger a woman's reproductive organs and general health. While she feels that the hoop skirt's ability to make a dress less burdensome is a step in the right direction, Clare argues in favor of the Bloomer dress, citing its potential as a stylish garment that could promote social and physical reform. Her focus is largely on women's health, and Clare feels that the Bloomer costume, more than any other woman's costume would allow for regular outdoor exercise and improve the health of women, their children, and men. Clare concludes her column with a brief mention of Winter's "Song of the Ruined Man" and Whitman's "Child's Reminisences."

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Whitman, Walt [pages:2]

Clare discusses her admiration of Whitman's "Child's Reminisence" and claims that it "could only have been written by a poet" (2).

Winter, William [pages:2]

Clare expresses her dislike of Winter's "Song of the Ruined Man" (2).