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Thoughts and Things

Clare, Ada. "Thoughts and Things." New York Saturday Press. 17 Jan. 1860: 2.

Clare begins her column with a discussion of the first installment of Miss Preston's serial, "The Amber Gods," which recently debuted in the Atlantic Monthly. Clare discusses the merits of the work, her expectations, and offers some critical advice about the story. Clare mentions that she recently attneded Arthur Napoleon's benefit concert. She openly praises the young musician and notes that he is from Gottschalk's "school of performance" (2). Clare writes that she enjoyed Everybody's Friend at Wallack's and discusses Mr. Brougham's performance in the play and his merits as an actor. Clare concludes with a discussion of "humor," the appropriate subjects for humor,and her distaste for vulgar humor that dismisses "woman's genius" (2).

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Brougham, John [pages:2]

Clare discusses Brougham's performance in Everybody's Friend at Wallack's and praises his personal qualities and assets (2). She writes, "Mr. Brougham can neither look nor act the ill-bred man. That handsome, manly face, that rich, sweet voice, that fine figure, ere given to him with a different view. He is the most influential man on the stage in New York, and his is the power to exalt and refine his art. Then why waste himself in farces and jigs?" (2).

Wallack's Lyceum [pages:2]

Clare claims to have enjoyed Everybody's Friend at Wallack's, regardless of what the critics say (2).