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The Royal Bohemian Supper

Gay, Getty. "The Royal Bohemian Supper." New York Saturday Press. 31 Dec. 1859: 2.
journalism, short fiction

This quasi-fictional account of the royalty of bohemia gathering for supper at Ada Clare's 42nd Street home refers to several of the Pfaffians with thinly-veiled pseudonyms: "Among her most illustrious guests were her royal Captive, the Grand Seignor of Turkey [Christopher Bey Oscanyan]; Count Wilkinski, Minister Plenipotentiary from the Court of Empress Anna Maria [Edward G. P. Wilkins]; the Countess of Peoria; Lady Gay [Getty Gay]; Baron Clapper [Henry Clapp, Jr.]; Sir Peter Porter, Knight of Malta; Sir Archibald Hopper; and Lord Pierceall, Troubadour to Her Majesty [Robert W. Pearsall]."

People who Created this Work

Gay, Getty author

People Mentioned in this Work

Clapp, Henry

Referred to as "Baron Clapper."

Clare, Ada

Referred to as "Her Majesty the Queen of Bohemia," the resident of a "palace fronting 4442d street." Clare was widely considered the queen of the antebellum bohemians and her 42nd Street home in Manhattan was second only to Pfaff's as a bohemian haunt.

Gay, Getty

Referred to as "Lady Gay."

Oscanyan, Christopher

Referred to as Clare's "royal Captive, the Grand Seignor of Turkey."

Pearsall, Robert

Referred to as "Lord Pierceall, Troubadour to Her Majesty" Ada Clare, the "Queen of Bohemia."

Wilkins, Edward (Ned)

Referred to as "Count Wilkinski, Minister Plenipotentiary from the Court of Empress Anna Maria."