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Pfaff's [from the N.Y. correspondent of the Boston Saturday Express]

"Pfaff's [from the N.Y. correspondent of the Boston Saturday Express]." New York Saturday Press. 03 Dec. 1859: 2.

This celebratory description of the bohemian scene at Pfaff's depicts the bar as a sanctuary in an otherwise chaotic city. It continues, "This is the capital of BOHEMIA; this little room is the rallying-place of the subjects of King Devilmaycare; this is the anvil from which fly the brightest scintillations of the hour; this is the womb of the best things that society has heard for many-a-day; this is the trysting-place of the most careless, witty, and jovial spirits of New York,—journalists, artists, and poets."

People Mentioned in this Work

Clapp, Henry

Clapp is not mentioned by name here, but there is a description of "the king" of bohemia sitting atop his throne.

Pfaff, Charles

Pfaff is not mentioned by name in this article (other than in reference to his bar), but a "German Mercury" is described as bringing food, beer, and tobacco to the bohemians as they begin their revels.