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Stephen Pearl Andrews

Wilson, Peter Lamborn. "Stephen Pearl Andrews." Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 250: Antebellum Writers in New York, Second Series. Ed. Kent P. Ljungquist. Detroit: Gale, 2001. 3-15.

Biography of Stephen Pearl Andrews.

People Mentioned in this Work

Brisbane, Albert

Albert Brisbane, the leading American Fourierist, is mentioned as one of Andrews' close friends.

Greeley, Horace

Horace Greeley hired Stephen Pearl Andrews to cover senatorial news for the New York Tribune. Later, Greeley and Andrews engaged in brutal public debate through the letters column of the Tribune. Greeley strongly disagreed with Andrews' anarchistic/Utopian ideals.

Stedman, Edmund

Stedman lived in one of Andrews' Utopia projects which was called a "Unitary Home" or the "Brownstone Utopia."

Whitman, Walt

Andrews is compared to Walt Whitman, one of the "pioneers" of New York's Bohemia.