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Book Notices

Clapp, Henry Jr. "Book Notices." New York Saturday Press. 29 Oct. 1859: 2.

This column justifies the small number of book notices that appear in the Saturday Press. The column criticizes the form and practice of writing and printing book notices in general, and using examples from the New York Times and the Home Journal, demonstrates the unreadability of book notices and their lack of appeal for Saturday Press readers. The column also argues that the Saturday Press does a bigger service for publishers with its weekly list of all new publications and detailed information on all the books.

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The Saturday Press [pages:2]

Clapp discusses the problems of favorable and unfavorable book notices in the Saturday Press as well as the proportionally small number of notices that have appeared in the paper. Clapp also discusses how standard book notices would fail to fit with the style of the Saturday Press or capture readers' interest (2).