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Thoughts and Things No. II

Clare, Ada. "Thoughts and Things No. II." New York Saturday Press. 29 Oct. 1859: 2.

In this column, Clare begins with a discussion of the controversial painting, Venus, by William Page currently on display at the Dusseldorf Gallery. Clare discusses her observations of the other women in the gallery and her view of the painting as a work of high art. Clare shares her thoughts on Miss Barlett's "late notorious wedding" to a wealthy man who is quite obviously her senior and her characterization as "shrewd" in the press. Clare claims that eighty percent of women and ninety-five percent of men would have acted in the same manner and discredits their ability to criticize. Clare also discusses the delay of the arrival of the young opera singer Marie Cruvelli from Paris and opines on the "brass" of those who openly plagiarize the work of others.

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