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Dramatic Feuilleton

Personne [Wilkins, Edward G. P.]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New-York Saturday Press. 17 Sep. 1859: 2.
theater criticism

Personne begins the Feuilleton with a review of the opening night of the Winter Garden and the theater's company. He notes that the opening performance was Bourcicault's A Cricket on the Hearth. Personne also reviews The World and the Stage at Laura Keene. Personne discusses the end of the opera season on the next weekend and gives general opera news and commentary. He reports that Wallack's is to open on Monday with a new comedy from Brougham. The Feuilleton also includes a reprint of a letter from Matilda Heron-Stoepel to the Editor of the Tribune that corrects erroneous reports about her business relationship with Mr. Bateman.

People who Created this Work

People Mentioned in this Work

Brougham, John [pages:2]

Personne reports that Wallack's is set to open with one of Brougham's comedies on Monday. Brougham is also mentioned as a member of the cast (2).

Gayler, Charles [pages:2]
Heron, Matilda [pages:2]

Personne reprints a letter from Heron-Stoepel to the Editor of the Tribune that corrects the reports about the negative nature of her contractual and business relationships with Mr. Bateman (2).

Jefferson, Joseph [pages:2]

Personne mentions him as a member of the new company at the Winter Garden (2).

Keene, Laura [pages:2]

Personne reviews The World and the Stage at her theater (2).

Wallack's Lyceum [pages:2]

Personne anticipates that the Winter Garden will be competition for Wallack's. Personne mentions that the theater is set to open next Monday with a comedy from Brougham (2).

Wallack, John [pages:2]

Personne lists Lester Wallack as a member of the cast of Brougham's new comedy, set to open at Wallack's on Monday. Personne also mentions that he saw Wallack at the opening of the Winter Garden (2).