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Dramatic Feuilleton

Personne [Wilkins, Edward G. P.]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New York Saturday Press. 10 Sep. 1859: 2.
theater criticism

Personne begins by discussing his conversation about the Bowery with the Old Gentleman and often refers to the opinions of the Oldest Man. Personne discusses the New Bowery and reviews The Governor. He also reviews Nine Points of the Law at Laura Keene's and gives a brief run-down of other theatrical news and events. Personne discusses opera news and events and reprints an article by N.G.G. in the Boston Post about the state of the opera in Cincinnati. Personne closes with a discussion of the newly redone Winter Garden and the influences on the redesign of the theater.

People who Created this Work

People Mentioned in this Work

Clifton, Ada [pages:2]

Personne mentions Clifton in his review of Nine Points of the Law (2).

Keene, Laura [pages:2]

Personne mentions that Nine Points of the Law has been playing with The House or the Home at Keene's for the past week (2).

Smith, Mark [pages:2]

Personne mentions Smith in his review of Nine Points of the Law (2).

Wallack's Lyceum [pages:2]

Personne mentions that Geraldine is still at Wallack's, but will be leaving next Wednesday (2).