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[Editorial Comments]

[Clapp, Henry Jr.]. "[Editorial Comments]." New York Saturday Press. 16 Jul. 1859: 2.

This selection of Editorial Comments consists of long and short items. The short items comment on correspondence received by the Saturday Press, explanations of certain publications, and commentary on the contents. The longer items include commentary on "Puritanism in New York" and the excommunication of J.L. Hatch from Dr. Cheever's "Church of the Puritans," a discussion of the press coverage of the Sickles affair that leads into a larger discussion of liberty and Social Science, and a discussion of the Sabbath and serious Sabbatarians and their impact upon those who do not take the Sabbath as seriously.

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The note "Hasheesh" explains that Mrs. Mary Stevens Case's account of two young women's experiences under the influence of hasheesh has been written for the Saturday Press (2).