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Dramatic Feuilleton

Personne [Wilkins, Edward G. P.]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New York Saturday Press. 25 Jun. 1859: 3.
theater criticism

Personne writes that after that day's performance at the Academy of Music, the venue will close until September. He discusses the intended program and the possible plans for the performers over the summer months. Personne reviews Brougham's new play, Art and Artifice. There is also a brief mention that the Florences are continuing their run at Wallack's and Personne takes note of Keller's "curious" production at Niblo's.

People who Created this Work

People Mentioned in this Work

Brougham, John [pages:3]

Personne discusses Brougham's Art and Artifice (3).

Clifton, Ada [pages:3]

Personne discusses Clifton's role in Brougham's Art and Artifice (3).

Strakosch, Maurice and Max (brothers) [pages:3]

Personne mentions a Mr. Strakosh, but it is unclear who he is referring to (3).

Wallack's Lyceum [pages:3]

Personne notes that Mr. Florence and his wife are entering their second week at Wallack's (3).