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Appletons' Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume III, Grinnwell-Lockwood

Wilson, James Grant and John Fiske, eds. Appletons' Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume III, Grinnwell-Lockwood. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1888.

People Mentioned in this Work

Halleck, Fitz-Greene [pages:46-48, 46(ill.)]

In 1849 John Jacob Astor gave Halleck an annuit of forty pounds a year, on which Halleck retired with his unmarried sister to his native town. During this period, Halleck composed many poems, including "Connecticut" and "Young America."

Halpine, Charles [pages:53]

Following his resignation from the army in 1864, Halpine took up permanent residence in New York and became editor and later proprietor of The Citizen, a journal that "advocated for reform in the civil administration in New York city".

Heron, Matilda [pages:184(ill.)]

Appleton cites as Heron's gretaest theatrical achievement as being her role in Camille, for which she earned about $200,000.

Homer, Winslow [pages:246]

Homer was elected an associate of the National academy in 1864, and an academician the following year.

House, Edward [pages:272]

Among his works for the Japanese government, House worked to secure the return of the "Simonoeski Indemnity" From the US government, which was effected in 1882.

Howells, William [pages:285-287, 286(ill.)]

In 1886 Howells accepted a salaried position with Harper's Magazine as head of the "Editor's Study," in which he outlined his thoery for modern fiction.

Jefferson, Joseph [pages:414, 415(ill.)]

Joseph Jefferson III made his chidlhood stage debut at the age of three in "Pizzaro,, or the Death of Rolls."

Keene, Laura [pages:500(ill.)]

Among Keene's threatrical successes is her production of "The Seven Sisters" which ran for 169 nights beginning on Oct. 26, 1860.

Kellogg, Clara [pages:506]

Kellogg debut as Gilda in Rigoletto" in 1864 at the Academy of music in New York; however, she did not gain fame until 1864 as Marguerite in Gounod's "Faust."

Leland, Charles [pages:683]

In 1863, on returning to Philadelphia from Boston, Leland wrote and illustrated his political satire "The Book of Cooperheads."

Lester, Charles [pages:698]

Appleton claims Lester to be a descendant of Jonathan Edwards on his maternal side.