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Dramatic Feuilleton

Quelqu'un [Winter, William]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New York Saturday Press. 26 Mar. 1859: 2.
theater criticism

Quelqu'un addresses the column to Personne, who Quelqu'un claims has left him the responsibility of writing a Feuilleton. This leads to a discussion of what a Feuillton might be and the character of the Feuilltonist. Quelqu'un continues with a remark about his recent meeting with Brougham, which leads to a discussion of Brougham's new play. Quelqu'un claims he checked Fry in the Tribune, Wilkins in the Herald, and Seymour in the Times to see if he could steal their analyses, but there was nothing there. Without this information, Quelqu'un gives a short summary of the plot of Brougham's The Miller of New Jersey, a task that he claims he doesn't have the mental disposition to accomplish. Quelqu'un also mentions that he visited the French Theatre in the past week and was able to sleep during the performance he was there to see. Quelqu'un also makes brief mention of an upcoming performance of the well-liked The Dark Hour Before the Dawn and "theater in the provinces" of Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee.

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Brougham, John [pages:2]

Quelqu'un mentions having just seen Brougham and that he's the greatest "babbler" after Personne. Quelqu'un writes that they spoke about the Baron, Wallack, The Veteran, his benefit, and his new play at the Bowery, that Quelqu'un has seen and enjoyed. Quelqu'un also mentions Brougham's and Goodrich's The Dark Hour Before the Dawn (2).

Fry, William [pages:2]

Quelqu'un reports that he checked the Tribune for "the aesthetic Fry's" review of Brougham's new piece at the Bowery (2).

Goodrich, Frank [pages:2]

Quelqu'un mentions Brougham's and Goodrich's The Dark Hour Before the Dawn (2).

The Saturday Press [pages:2]
Seymour, Charles [pages:2]

Quelqu'un reports that the checked the Times for "the anesthetic Seymour's" review of Brougham's new piece at the Bowery (2).

Wallack, John [pages:2]

Wallack's The Veteran and its success are among the topics Quelqun'un and Brougham discuss (2).

Wilkins, Edward (Ned) [pages:2]

Quelqu'un addresses his column to Personne, who has left him with the responsibility of writing the Feuilleton. Quelqu'un writes that he checked the Herald for the "eclectic Wilkins's" review of Brougham's new piece at the Bowery (2).