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Dramatic Feuilleton

Personne [Wilkins, Edward G. P.] and Quelqu'un [Winter, William]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New-York Saturday Press. 19 Feb. 1859: 2-3.
theater criticism

Personne begins this column by stating that the Editor of the Saturday Press deserves a hostile message according to the Code of Honor for insulting Anna Maria. Personne reviews the week's opera and Mr. Harvey Pearson's performance at the Broadway Theatre. Our American Cousin remains popular. Personne gives some general theatrical news and discusses the current travelling productions. Personne makes mention of "that Bohemian" William Warren and his recent move due to a dispute with a landlord over finances. Personne concludes with a discussion of theatrical statistics for the past year and the "latest Parisian novelties." Quelqu'un provides a P.S. to the column in which he provides brief notes on "Domestic Affairs" and "Foreign Affairs."

People who Created this Work

Wilkins, Edward (Ned) author

Wilkins writes the main column as Personne.

Winter, William author

Winter provides a P.S. to the column as Quelqu'un.

People Mentioned in this Work

Jefferson, Joseph [pages:2,3]

Personne notes that Jefferson's benefit is tonight; his report was erroneous last week (2). Personne reports that Jefferson has been mentioned to as the new manager of a new theater that is yet to be founded (3).

Keene, Laura [pages:2,3]

Personne notes that Our American Cousin remains popular at Miss Keene's and Burton's (2). Personne also notes that another actress recently played her role during a performance of Our American Cousin and the audience found Miss Marian Macarthy quite satisfactory (3).

Poe, Edgar [pages:3]

Personne reports that during a benefit for Stephen Massett in Charleston, S.C., "sixty young gentlemen of the Collegiate School recited Edgar A. Poe's 'Chime of the Bells' with 'killing effect'" (3).

The Saturday Press [pages:2]