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Miss Freeman's Readings from the Poets

"Miss Freeman's Readings from the Poets." New-York Saturday Press. 29 Jan. 1859: 2.

"Whoever has a taste simple and pure enough to enjoy a style of elocution free from all the tricks of stage delivery, yet showing a profound knowledge of art, and the most subtle appreciation of the subject in hand, will do well to attend 'Miss Freeman's Readings from the Poets,' the second of which is to take place this (Saturday) evening, at Lyric Hall, No. 765 Broadway. The readings will be interspersed with choice music, vocal and instrumental, under the direction of Mr. Goldbeck, the distinguished pianist, who will play his 'Three Romantic Souvenirs,' and introduce two new quartettes composed for the occasion."

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Goldbeck, Mary

This article announces the second in a series of poetry readings performed by Miss Freeman. The notice also indicates that Miss Freeman's readings would be interspersed with music by Mr. Goldbeck, the pianist.