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Dramatic Feuilleton

O'Brien, Fitz-James. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New York Saturday Press. 15 Jan. 1859: 3.
theater criticism

O'Brien notes that the continued lengthy runs at Wallack's and Keene's theaters has forced theater critics to find other ways to amuse themselves and mentions that he was coerced to go on a nature walk in New Jersey with another critic that ended with the men being drenched in a rainstorm. O'Brien notes that the boredom and outdoor amusements of theater critics will end on the coming Monday with a new "five act melodrama" from Lester Wallack. O'Brien also addresses a letter from C.W. Daly ("the well-known Shakespearian and legal luminary" (3)) that asks his opinion on the better actor - James W. Wallack, Sen., or Edwin Forrest. O'Brien chooses Forrest by a narrow margin and claims that while he has a "known partiality" for one of the actors, he hopes he hasn't said anything too harsh against his "rival" (3).

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Wallack, John [pages:3]

O'Brien claims to be looking forward to the upcoming Monday when Wallack will be producing a new play - one of his "five-act melodramas" - and breaking the cycle of boredom for dramatic critics (3).