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Literary Notes

"Literary Notes." New York Saturday Press. 11 Jan. 1859: 2.

This column gives an overview of the current events in art and literature. Among other topics discussed in this column, there are notes discussing the Holiday issue of Harper's Weekly,, the tendency of other papers to reprint items from the Saturday Press without giving due credit, Horace Mann's,Wendell Phillips's, and Bayard Taylor's lectures, a discussion of the death of Robert Burns's youngest sister, and a discussion of Thackeray. The column also includes an overview of several current issues of English magazines and their contents.

People Mentioned in this Work

The Saturday Press [pages:2]

A note reports that approximately two hundred papers have not given the Saturday Press credit after publishing poems and other items that originally ran in the Saturday Press (2).

Taylor, Bayard [pages:2]

A note announces the beginning of Taylor's lecture tour in the West and notes that Taylor will not make his way to the East coast for several months (2).