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Literary Items

"Literary Items." Saturday Press. 11 Dec. 1858: 2.

This column cotains notes about current and forthcoming publications, news and gossip about prominent literary and artistic figures, and a general overview of literary and artistic events. Of note in this column are a discussion of why the author of the Life and Times of Sir Phillip Sydney should not have chosen to remain anonymous, a mention of Macauley as the biographer of William Pitt in the new edition of the Enclyclopaedia Brittanica, the translation of Fitz-Greene Halleck's "Marco Boggaris" into Greek, Derby & Jackson's announcement of a large series of French translations, the estalbishment of the "Athanaeum" club, Mr. Townsend's upcoming thirty-three volume publication of Cooper's works, Boswell's continued campaign to M. Von Humboldt for the position of biographer, a discussion of the new issue of the Home Journal, and a section entitled "First Things in Literature - Collaged by the Boston Transcript that discusses literary firsts.

People Mentioned in this Work

Goodrich, Frank [pages:2]

A note lists Goodrich among the members of the newly formed literary club, the "Athanaeum," in New York (2).

Halleck, Fitz-Greene [pages:2]

A note reports that Halleck's "Marco Boggaris" has been translated into Greek by Mr. Canale (2).

The Saturday Press [pages:2]

A note mentions that the first page of the Saturday Press includes an extract from The New Priest in Conception Bay by Rev. R.T.S. Lowell, Rector of Christ Church, Newark, N.J. (2).

Willis, Nathaniel [pages:2]

A note on the forthcoming edition of the Home Journal remarks that the magazine often features "Idlewild gossip" (2).