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Literary Items

"Literary Items." Saturday Press. 27 Nov. 1858: 3.

This column gives an overview of recent publications, forthcoming publications, literary rumors, and updates on writers and artists of interest. Of note in this column is the report of the death of Mozart's only surviving son in Milan at age 80, a discussion of the auction of the valuable collection left by Dawson Turner, the announcement of the completion of important Russian and English historical works, J.B. Lippincott & Company's publication of Mrs. Hale's Complete Dictionary of Literary Quotations, a the recommendation of the new edition of Mrs. Crowen's American Lady's System of Cookery to female readers, and an update on Bayard Taylor's speaking engagements.

People Mentioned in this Work

Goodrich, Frank [pages:3]

A note mentions Goodrich as the editor of Women of Beauty and Heroism, from Semiramis (?) to Eugenie (3).

Taylor, Bayard [pages:3]

A note announces an upcoming lecture by Taylor at the Mattapan Literary Association of South Boston on the evening of December 11. According to the note, Taylor has currently booked over one hundred speaking engagements for the Winter and cannot add any more to his schedule (3).

Willis, Nathaniel [pages:3]

A note reports Willis's return to Idlewild after a trip to Virginia with his father-in-law (3).