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A New Portrait of Paris: Painted from Life

Clapp, Henry Jr. "A New Portrait of Paris: Painted from Life." Saturday Press. 20 Nov. 1858: 1.
journalism, travelogue

In Chapter IV, the author discusses his arrival in Dover and the boat trip to Calais. The author then discusses his own experience at the French Custom-House and Legs's difficulty in passing through customs. The author takes extra time to go back to the Custom House to observe the confusion and the reactions of several different types and classes of people. In Chapter V, the author arrives in Paris and goes to the English Inn in Amsterdam Street on Legs's recommendation. The author describes the very English inn and its landlord, Cheeks. The author is teased about being a teetotaler, especially in Paris, and discusses his decision to find French lodgings in the morning. The author decides to take a room at Hotel Corneille in Corneille Street, across from the Odeon Theatre. The author describes the Cheeks's reaction, the story Legs's comes up with to free the author from any obligation, and the beginning of his removal to the new hotel.

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