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One Thing and Another

"One Thing and Another." Saturday Press. 13 Nov. 1858: 2.

Some of the items in this article are unreadable, but it does contain notes related to remarks made about Thomas Carlyle in the Tribune, Bayard Taylor's upcoming lecture, Mr. Briggs's new column, N.P. Willis's suggestions for a fountain in Central Park, and remarks about local churches.

People Mentioned in this Work

Briggs, Charles [pages:2]

A note announces that Mr. Briggs's "prominent feature" in the N.Y. Weekly Times is to be the "Literary Department" (2).

Taylor, Bayard [pages:2]

A note announces that Bayard Taylor is scheduled to lecture on "Moscow" on December 7, before the Brooklyn Mercantile Library Association (2).

Willis, Nathaniel [pages:2]

An item suggests Willis's ideas for a fountain in Central Park.