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Literary Intelligence

"Literary Intelligence." Saturday Press. 13 Nov. 1858: 2.

This column is an assortment of notes on current publications, rumored publications, art and music news, and general trivia. Of particular interest in this column are a note on Hawthorne's summer villa in Florence and a predicition that he will not publish anything new soon, lists of current and upcoming publications from several American publishers, the publication of previously unpublished manuscripts by Charles Lamb and Coleridge by Thomas Allsop, the publication of Every Woman Her Own Lawyer, a legal handbook for women published by Messrs. Dick and Fitzgerald, and the publication of the first volume of Allibone's Critical Dictionary of English Literature.

People Mentioned in this Work

Curtis, George [pages:2]

A note reports that George W. Curtis, Esq. is rumored to be writing about the history of the Hudson River (2).

Oscanyan, Christopher [pages:2]

A note announces that Mr. Co Oscanyan will be lecturing on the "Social and Political Affairs of Turkey" (2).

Savage, John [pages:2]

(Unclear if this is the correct Mr. Savage) A note reports that a Mr. Savage has a Geneological History of the first settlers of New England, dating back to 1692, currently in the press (2).

Taylor, Bayard [pages:2]

A note announces that Mr. G.P. Putnam has published a new volume of Taylor's Northern Travels that also includes a new portrait of the author (2).