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Memoir of Ebenezer Webster, Father of Daniel Webster [from Historical Magazine]

Nesmith, G. W. "Memoir of Ebenezer Webster, Father of Daniel Webster [from Historical Magazine]." Saturday Press. 13 Nov. 1858: 4.

"Memoir" characterizes Ebenezer Webster as a great American soldier, judge, and politician. He was born in Kingston, New Hampshire in 1739 and died in 1806. During his life he had two wives, the first having died in 1774, and five children from each of them. Famous diplomat, senator, and orator Daniel Webster, Ebenezer's ninth child, was born in January, 1782 in Salisbury, NH. In 1778 Ebenezer was chosen by his town as a delegate to New Hampshire's "Convention at Exeter," where he played an important role in his state's acceptance of the new U.S. Constitution. In 1791 he was appointed as a Judge in Hillsborough County. The biographer highlights Webster's military might during the Revolutionary War: "As an officer, he was beloved by his soldiers, and always had their entire confidence...He was the very man to head the pround columns of the Sons of Liberty." Webster achieved the rank of Colonel through his years of service in the country's young military.