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Literary Items

"Literary Items." Saturday Press. 30 Oct. 1858: 3.

In this edition of "Literary Items," there is a discussion of the popularity of several British poetic works currently in print as well as an overview of forthcoming volumes of poetry. Popular poets and those with expected publications include the Brownings, and in America, there are rumors that Mrs. Stoddard will soon publish her own volume of poetry. There is a brief discussion of the discovery of an edition of Dante's Divine Comedia found in Florence and written in Petrarch's hand. The column also announces the upcoming publications from Ticknor & Fields, as well as the publication of volumes of poetry from Thomas Bailey Aldrich and William Winter. Among the assorted other notes that discuss current and forthcoming publications, there is a discussion of Mrs. Gaskell's new book, Israel Benjamin's international tour, and the reprints of several sections of monk John Capgrave's Chronicles of England. The column ends with the section "Magazines and Their Contents."

People Mentioned in this Work

Aldrich, Thomas [pages:3]

A note announces the publication of Aldrich's The Ballad of Babie Bell and Other Poems by Messrs. Rudd and Carelton (3).

Emerson, Ralph [pages:3]

A note reports that Grozelier has been "engaged" to do a "lithographic portrait" of Emerson (3).

Stoddard, Elizabeth [pages:3]

The column includes a note on the rumor of a forthcoming volume of poetry by Mrs. R.H. Stoddard. Her poem, "November," published in the most recent issue of the Atlantic is reproduced here (3).

Winter, William [pages:3]

A note announces a new volume of poetry by William Winter, The Queen's Domain, to be published by Messrs. E.O. Libby & Co. The note also briefly discusses Winter's first volume of poetry and reprints a sample of his work (3).