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[Obituary of George H. Butler]

"[Obituary of George H. Butler]." The Hunterdon County Democrat. 18 May 1886.

"George H. Butler, the dissipated nephew of General B. F. Butler, who has been one of the characters of the National Captial for years, died last Tuesday in poverty in a restaurant at Washington, D. C. His uncle will have the remains decently interred. George Butler was on his uncle's staff during the war, was subsequently Consul General to Egypt, and was at one time married to Rose Etynge, the actress."

People Mentioned in this Work

Butler, George

Identifies George H. Butler as the nephew of General B. F. Butler. Buter worked for his uncle during the war and was once married to Rose Eytinge.

Eytinge, Rose

Mentions that Rose Eytinge was once married to George H. Butler.