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Walt Whitman's Poem

[Clapp, Henry, Jr.]. "Walt Whitman's Poem." New-York Saturday Press. 24 Dec. 1859: 2.

Clapp directs the attention of Saturday Press readers towards the Whitman poem, "A Child's Reminiscence," published on the first page, calling it "our Christmas or New Year's present" to readers.

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Our readers may, if they choose, consider as our Christmas or New Year's present to them, the curious warble, by Walt Whitman, of "A Child's Reminiscence," on our First Page. Like the "Leaves of Grass," the purport of this wild and plaintive song, well-enveloped, and eluding definition, is positive and unquestionable, like the effect of music.
The piece will bear reading many times--perhaps, indeed, only comes forth, as from recessos, by many repetitions.

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