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William North: The Romance of This Poet's Life -- His Sad Death and Forgotten Name

Hillyer, William Sidney. "William North: The Romance of This Poet's Life -- His Sad Death and Forgotten Name." New York Times Saturday Review. 18 Mar. 1899: 170.
biography, literary criticism

Discusses the short life and literary carrer of William North, focusing on his unrequited love for Genevieve Genevra Fairfield. Includes two poems by North about Fairfield.

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North, William author

Includes two poems by North: the dedication for his tragedy Odin and The Spirit's Comrade.

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North, William

Hillyer recounts that, after arriving in the United States, North "became identified with the literati of New York City and joined the ranks of bohemianism, just then beginning to form in the metropolis." He further states that "[a]lthough North wrote considerably and well, success did not crown his work to the extent of his ambition. The consequent effect upon his temparment was morbidly depressive." Of North's posthumously published Slave of the Lamp, Hillyer writes that "his sad death lent a morbid interest to it," but concludes that "[t]hough read by many at the time of its publication, it is now known only to the literary student, and it has sunk into the same oblivion that has engulfed the fame of its writer."

O'Brien, Fitz-James

Mentions that North satirized O'Brien as "Fitz Gammon O'Bouncer" in Slave of the Lamp.