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Notices of New Books: The Slave of the Lamp

"Notices of New Books: The Slave of the Lamp." New York Daily Times. 18 Apr. 1855: 2.
literary criticism

Review of William North's posthumous novel, The Slave of the Lamp. Also includes two poems by North.

People who Created this Work

North, William author

Includes two poems by North: the dedication for his tragedy Odin and The Spirit's Comrade.

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North, William

Of North, this review contends that "[t]hroughout all his writings there is a gloomy indifference to life, and a bitter contempt for a world of which he knew nothing; yet Mr. North was capable of lasting genuine friendship. A little genial appreciation was all he asked; he felt he deserved it, for he had worked hard for the boon. It was when this was disputed -- and in his forays among strangers who had never heard his name it was apt to be -- that he became most gloomy, and retired bitterly within himself to fresh contemplation of human destiny and woe."