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Death of George S. M'Watters

"Death of George S. M'Watters." New York Times. 18 Apr. 1886: 8.

Brief obituary for George S. McWatters.

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George S. McWatters died yesterday of pneumonia, after an illness of five days, at the age of 74 years. He was a member of the police force of this city for about eight years, and under Superintendent Kennedy he served as Chief of the Lost Children's Bureau. He was one of the small band of policemen who defended the newspaper offices down town during the draft riots, and was wounded in the encounter with the rioters. After the war an association for the aid of destitute ex-Union soldiers, their widows and orphans was organized, and Mr. McWatters was appointed its almoner. He served also, as an Inspector in the Custom House for a number of years. He wrote a book entitled "Knots Untied" relating to his police experience. The funeral services will be held this evening at his residence, and the body will be interred at Brentwood, Long Island.

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McWatters, George

Reports that McWatters died of pneumonia on April 7, 1886, at the age of 74 and lists a number of his accomplishments.