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Note from Mr. Fitz-James O'Brien

O'Brien, Fitz-James. "Note from Mr. Fitz-James O'Brien." New York Times. 11 Mar. 1858: 4.
letter to the editor

A brief letter to the editor from Fitz-James O'Brien in response to a letter from Thomas Picton regarding The Diamond Lens.

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Sir: I observe in your issue of last Saturday a letter signed "Thomas Picton," in which allusions are made to me and the story entitled "The Diamond Lens," of which I am the author. I must here decline entering into any controversy with Mr. "Picton" on this or any other subject. Mr. "Picton" will find the assertions contained in his note sufficiently answered elsewhere. I have the honor to remain your obedient servant, Fitz-James O'Brien.

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