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Lieut. Fitz-James O'Brien, US Volunteers

"Lieut. Fitz-James O'Brien, US Volunteers." Harper's Weekly. 26 Apr. 1862: 267.

Obituary of Fitz-James O'Brien.

People Mentioned in this Work

North, William

The author mentions that he read the manuscript by North that was later suggested by some as the source for O'Brien's The Diamond Lens and claims that "the two were wholly unlike in every point except the suggesting idea, which has been in writing for two thousand years."

O'Brien, Fitz-James

Praises O'Brien, stating that "[t]he well-born, well-bred, and accomplished young Irishman was welcomed to the best literary and social circles. Permanent and recognized positions in the press were always at his command, and were at different times held on the Times, Putnam's Magazine, Harper's Weekly, and subsequently, and for a still longer period, upon that brilliant but erratic paper, the Saturday Press."