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The Artists' Building in Tenth Street

"The Artists' Building in Tenth Street." The Crayon. 01 Feb. 1858: 55.

Describes the recently opened Tenth Street Studio Building.

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The Artists' Building in Tenth Street. - Here we have a building devoted entirely to the service of artists. This structure is an experiment, intended to provide studios for artists, accompanied with an exhibition-room, wherein the works of the occupants of the building can be visible at all suitable hours. There are about twenty-three studios (large and small) in the building, which occupies a space of ground one hundred feet square, besides a number of small rooms, etc., that can be used as required. The studios range in size from about fifteen feet by twenty feet to twenty feet by thirty feet. The exhibition-room is a prominent feature of the building, being fine in proportion, and beautifully lighted. The building is erected by James B. Johnston, Esq., and is a laudable enterprise; we would point to it as one of the evidences of an increasing estimation of Art in our midst. The front of the building is wholly constructed of brick; its ornamentation, such as window-mouldings, pilasters, cornices, etc., being developed in that material. The opportunity does not afford a chance to display the beauty of brick-work in all its fullness, but it indicates a use of brick which we hope will become more general. The architect is R. M. Hunt.