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Walt Whitman in 1862

Glicksberg, Charles I. "Walt Whitman in 1862." American Literature. 1934. 264-282.

People Mentioned in this Work

Arnold, George [pages:275]
Clapp, Henry [pages:273,275]

Glicksberg writes about Clapp Written about in a discussion of Walt Whitman. Clapp was called "Figaro" and is noted as a Pfaff's regular.

Clare, Ada [pages:275]
Eyre, Ellen [pages:276]

Glicksberg mentions her as the subject of a conversation.

Gray, Thomas [pages:275]

Quotes Whitman describing him as one of the "odd characters" at Pfaff's, a "good looking young Scotchman elegantly dress'd - does the tricks, cutting his fingers &c - at Pfaff's and Faffleys May, June, July, 1862."

Kingsley, Charles [pages:275]

Described as a member of the upper class "fond of training for boat racing &c" who spent time with Whitman at Pfaff's in June and July of 1862.

Sweeney, Frank [pages:276]

Glicksberg gives a description of Sweeney and his conversation with Whitman about "Ellen Eyre."

Glicksberg records his name as "Frank Sweezey."

Wheeler, William [pages:275]

A surgeon for United States Navy who met Whitman at Pfaffs. Whitman described him as a "damned shyster."

Whitman, Walt [pages:264-82]

Whitman used the pseudonym "Velsor Brush" to publish poetry in The New York Leader in 1862.

Glicksberg traces Whitman's writing and whereabouts during 1862.