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Dramatic Feuilleton

Figaro [Clapp, Henry Jr.]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New York Saturday Press. 10 Feb. 1866: 88-89.

Writing to Mr. Editor, Figaro relates a conversation he had recently with an "aesthetic friend" of his. Figaro discusses his desire for an "elevation" of theater and discusses how he cannot write a good Feuilleton when seven or eight theaters produce plays and none of them are good. After a discussion of his dislike of the "hydraulic effects" of tears in drama (especially tragedy), Figaro gives a numbered list of upcoming events.

People who Created this Work

Clapp, Henry author

People Mentioned in this Work

Booth, Edwin [pages:88,89]

Figaro mentions that Booth fails to do anything but "Hamletize" his role in the current performance of Richeleu at the Winter Garden (89).

Gayler, Charles [pages:89]

Figaro notes that Gayler has a new piece that is set to debut in Boston. Gayler's Child Stealer will be performed at Wood Theatre in New York during the coming week (89).

Greeley, Horace [pages:89]

In a note after his postscript, Figaro mentions that Greeley has been elected President of the American Institute (89).

Ruggles, Edward [pages:89]

In a notice after his postscript, Figaro notes that "Ruggles' Gems" are scheduled to be exhibited (89).

Wallack's Lyceum [pages:89]

Figaro mentions that there will be a benefit at Wallack's next week for J.W. Wallack, during which he will star in The Iron Mask (89).

Wallack, John [pages:88]