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Dramatic Feuilleton

Figaro [Clapp, Henry Jr.]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New York Saturday Press. 26 Aug. 1865: 56-57.

Figaro begins by writing to Mr. Editor about the confusion over his identity and the intentions of the Saturday Press. Figaro claims that many erroneously think Artemus Ward is behind the whole thing. Figaro engages in a discussion of Ward and his upcoming lecture series at Irving Hall, reprinting several quotes from Ward's prospectus. Figaro reports that there are few "general entertainments" this week, but gives some updates: Figaro reports on the Keans' engagement at the Broadway and lists the supporting company and the plays to be performed; Dan Bryant has finished his successful season at Wallack's; and Arrah-na-Pogue is still playing at Niblo's. Figaro's discussion of Arrah-na-Pogue leads to a brief comment on play counterfeiting. Figaro also updates readers on Maratzek's ongoing dispute with the Herald, including this week's letter to the Editor of the Herald.

People who Created this Work

Clapp, Henry author

People Mentioned in this Work

Arnold, George [pages:56]

Figaro lists "McArone" as one of the parties involved in the Saturday Press (56).

The Saturday Press [pages:56]

Figaro claims that he was asked the other day who was in charge of the Saturday Press and what the intentions of the paper are (56).

Shanly (Shanley), Charles [pages:56]

Figaro lists Shanly as one of the parties involved in the Saturday Press (56).

Wallack's Lyceum [pages:57]

Figaro reports that Dan Bryant will close his season at Wallack's that evening and will divide $24,000 in profits with the manager, Moss (57).

Ward, Artemus [pages:56-57]

Figaro claims that he was asked the other day if Mr. Editor was Artemus Ward. Discusses Ward's upcoming lectures, his style of lecturing, and his persona (56-57).