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O'Brien as Poet and Soldier

Wood, Frank. "O'Brien as Poet and Soldier." The Poems and Stories of Fitz-James O'Brien; Collected and Edited, with a Sketch of the Author. Ed. Winter, William. Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1881. xxxvi-xlv.

People who Created this Work

Arnold, George author

Arnold's tribute to O'Brien's "Personal Characteristics" is included alongside Wood's tribute to the "Poet and Soldier."

Winter, William editor

Edited the collection of O'Brien's work and the biographies as related by those who knew him.

Wood, Frank author

Wood wrote a tribute to O'Brien which was published elsewhere and then collected by Winter.

People Mentioned in this Work

O'Brien, Fitz-James [pages:xxxvi-xlv]

Wood's tribute to O'Brien as "Soldier and Poet" includes biographical information as well as his assessment of O'Brien's contribution to literature.

Winter, William

Winter collected tributes on O'Brien's life and professional accomplishments, including pieces by Wood and Arnold which had previously been published elsewhere. Winter included these in the edited collection of O'Brien's works.

Wood, Frank [pages:xxxvi-xxxvii]

William Winter's footnotes to Wood's tribute to O'Brien include biographical details about Wood's life and professional career.