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The New American Cyclopaedia [from the N. Y. Evening Post]

Gurowski [de Gurowski, Adam Count]. "The New American Cyclopaedia [from the N. Y. Evening Post]." New York Saturday Press. 23 Apr. 1859: 1-2.

Taken from the New York Evening Post, a series of correspondences about the recently published New American Cyclopedia. The first, by Count Gurowski, is a critique that condemns the text for sloppy editing and missing facts. The second, written by the editors of the Cyclopedia, defends each point taken up by Gurowski, and concludes that he has either not read the articles in the book, or has knowingly made false statements about them. The final response comes again by Gurowski, further pressing his points, and concluding that his education might not be impressive, except when compared to that of the Cyclopedia’s editors.

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