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A New Portrait of Paris: Painted from Life

Clapp, Henry Jr. "A New Portrait of Paris: Painted from Life." Saturday Press. 13 Nov. 1858: 1.
journalism, travelogue

In Chapter I, the author shares his thoughts on returning home from his travels. He looks out onto Broadway and comments on the diversity of New York and how the current trends in travel, technology, and communication are making the world smaller and more mobile. He envisions a time when the "elect" will fully embrace Manifest Destiny and gather in the best cities with the best traits of each population. Clapp remarks on the London street exhibition "The United Happy Family" and the differences among human and cultural groups. In Chapter II, "Patrick" is sent out for "coporal" for the author's pipe. The writer relates his conversation with the General Reader about how "The Spirit of the Age" encouraged him to travel several years ago. The writer also expresses his desire to write a book about Paris and the General Reader's reaction to hearing plans for another book on a much written about topic. In Chaper III, the writer discusses the three years he spent in London and his familiarity with "the dear old fogie metropolis" (1). The writer discusses the diverse cultural drinking habits abroad and his decision to travel to Paris after becoming familiar with London. The writer describes the first part of his journey to Paris, including the train ride, his fellow passengers, and the history of the "long-legged" "commercial traveller" who sits opposite him during the trip (1).

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Clapp, Henry author

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Greeley, Horace [pages:1]

Clapp references an anecdote by Greeley about one of his "compositor's" views on drinking (1).