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Notes of the Week

"Notes of the Week." New-York Saturday Press. 19 May 1866: 4.

This column is composed of a selection of brief news items and updates, many relating the literature or literary figures. Notable highlights from this column include the announcement of the publication of a volume of Arnold's poetry, the current projects of Private Miles O'Reilly (Charles Halpine), news on the late Gurowski's manuscripts, the conclusion of Wilkie Collins's "Armadale" in two American managzines, Dickens's readings, rumors about the Saturday Press, Charles Webb's visit to New York, the contents of the latest Atlantic Monthly and Our Young Folks, and the announcement of the publication of a book of humorous sayings from Josh Billings. The column also reprints brief news items from other sources, including remarks on Never to Late to Mend at Wallack's from the New York Times, commentary from the Boston Transcript on the ability of authorities at Harvard College to control the press, commentary from the London Telegraph on Dickens's readings, and remarks from the Richmond Enquirer on the new Southern literary journal, The Southern Portfolio.

People Mentioned in this Work

Arnold, George [pages:4]

The column announces that a volume of Arnold's poetry published by Ticknor & Fields is due in two weeks (4).

Burroughs, John [pages:4]

The column reports that Burroughs's "In the Hemlocks" has been published in the most recent edition of the Atlantic Monthly (4).

de Gurowski, Adam [pages:4]

The column reports that Gurowski left several manuscripts and predicts that they will probably constitute a publication for the benefit of his surviving daughter (4).

Halpine, Charles [pages:4]

The column notes that Private Miles O'Reilly (Halpine) is rumored to be writing about Jefferson Davis's life in prison. The column also reports that he is " write the obituary of the Saturday Press" (4).

House, Edward [pages:4]

The column reports that E.H. House will be sailing for Liverpool in June 2 on the same ship as Artemus Ward (4).

The Saturday Press [pages:4]

The column reports that Private Miles O'Reilly (Halpine) is "anxious to write the obituary of the Saturday Press." The column also reprints an item from the Trenton, N.J. Gazette that reports that there is a rumor that the Saturday Press will soon "suspend publication." The column also reports that page six of the current edition has a "breif but interesting" column on the "Early History of Printing in America" (4).

Shaw, Henry [pages:4]

The column reports that Carelton plans to publish a book of the humorous sayings of Josh Billings (Shaw) (4).

Stedman, Edmund [pages:4]

The column reports that Stedman's poem "The Mountain" is published in the latest edition of the Atlantic Monthly (4).

Wallack's Lyceum [pages:4]

The column reprints the remarks from the theater critic at the New York Times about Never to Late to Mend at Wallack's (4).

Ward, Artemus [pages:4]

The column reports that Ward will sail for Liverpool on June 2 and that E.H. House will be on the same ship (4).

Webb, Charles [pages:4]

The column reports that Webb, founder and editor of The Californian is currently in New York, looking years younger and years richer than he did when he left for California (4).