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Memoirs of an American Prima Donna

Kellogg, Clara Louise. Memoirs of an American Prima Donna. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1913.
biography, autobiography

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Booth, Edwin [pages:16,366]
Brougham, John [pages:15]
Greeley, Horace [pages:209]

Kellogg recalls singing at Greeley's funeral, stating, "I knew Horace Greeley personally and recall many interesting things about him; but, naturally perhaps, what stands out in my memory is the fact that, a few days before he died, he came to hear me sing Handel's Messiah, being, as he said afterwards, particularly touched and impressed by my rendering of I know that my Redeemer liveth. When he came to die, the last words that he said were those, whispered faintly, as if they still echoed in his heart. It may have been because of this fact that it was I who was asked to sing at his funeral."

Keene, Laura [pages:15]
Kellogg, Clara [pages:FP (ill.),12(ill.),14(ill.),20(ill.),28(ill.),56(ill.),72(ill.),74(ill.),82(ill.),88(ill.)134(ill.),230(ill.)252(ill.),292(ill.)]
Smith, Mark [pages:246]
Strakosch, Maurice and Max (brothers) [pages:200-201,204-205,240,289,292,294-296,300,303,359]
Wallack, John [pages:300]
Wheeler, Andrew [pages:42,75-76]