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Clara Louise Kellogg

Spofford, Harriet Prescott. "Clara Louise Kellogg." Our Famous Women: An Authorized Record of The Lives and Deeds of Distinguished American Women of Our Times. Hartford, Conn. : A. D. Worthington, 1884. 359-385.
biography, autobiography

People Mentioned in this Work

Greeley, Horace [pages:383-384]

Spofford states that Clara Louise Kellogg sang I know that my Redemmer liveth at Horace Greeley's funeral and that, during his final days, Greeley spoke of Kellogg as one of the most remarkable women he had known (383-384).

Kellogg, Clara [pages:359-385]
Strakosch, Maurice and Max (brothers) [pages:380,383]

Spofford mentions that Kellogg sang in America under the management of Strakosch (380).

Willis, Nathaniel [pages:366-367]

Spofford quotes N.P. Willis as stating that Clara Louise Kellogg's debut performance "astonished her hearers with her force and execution" (366-367).