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[Editorial Comments]

Clapp, Henry Jr. "[Editorial Comments]." New-York Saturday Press. 26 May 1866: 4.

This set of Editorial Comments is a collection of brief and often humorous remarks on current events and rumors. Some of the topics addressed include Secretary Seward's visit to his home in Auburn, a discussion of rumors of a strike by the President and Directors of various horse railroads, rumors about the management of the Saturday Press, the state of jails and prisons, Congressional inquiries into the National Banks, and the Maine Liquor Laws in New York.

People who Created this Work

Clapp, Henry author

People Mentioned in this Work

Greeley, Horace [pages:4]

Greeley's "change of hat" is announced (4).

North, William [pages:4]

Clapp quotes North's remarks from a few years prior about the Maine Liquor Law in New York (4).

The Saturday Press [pages:4]

Mentions that there are rumors that "a new man is about to 'undertake the management of the Saturday Press'" (4).