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Appletons' Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume I, Aaron-Crandall

Wilson, James Grant and John Fiske, eds. Appletons' Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume I, Aaron-Crandall. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1888.

People Mentioned in this Work

Aldrich, Thomas [pages:43(ill.)]

Although mentioning his position as editor for Home Journal in 1856, this biography neglects his conritbution to the Saturday Press. This biography leaves a gap, citing then his work with Every Saturday, Boston, beginning in 1870.

Andrews, Stephen [pages:76]

Appleton cites Andrews' work as an abolitionist, his interest in phonography, and his theory of "Integralism."

Arnold, George [pages:96]

During the Civil War, Appelton mentions that Arnold was stationed in Staten Island.

Benton, Joel [pages:240]

Cited as a valueable Emerson scholar, particularly following the poet's death.

Boughton, George [pages:328]

Appleton locates Boughton's American popularity beginning with his return from England to New York in 1855.

Brady, James [pages:354]
Briggs, Charles [pages:374, 375(ill.)]

Appleton notes the body of Briggs' work as being humorous and dealing with life in New York.

Bristed, Charles [pages:379(ill.)]

Writing about various topics, ranging from clasical literature to mundane observations, Bristed published under the nom de plume "Carl Benson."

Brougham, John [pages:391]

Left New York for London in 1860 and did not return to America until 1865 in a piece preformed at the Winter Garden theater.

Burroughs, John [pages:470]

Omitting his time in New York, Appleton mentions Burroughs' work with the treasury department in 1864 and his position as receiver for Wallkill national bank.

Butler, William [pages:477(ill.)]

Betwen 1858 and 1862, Butler published three major poems: "Two Millions," "The Bible be Itself," and "Martin Van Buren."

Church, William [pages:613]

Church received the rank of captain in the US Volunteers in 1862 and, later, was promoted to lieutenant-colonel on March 11, 1865.

Congdon, Charles [pages:706]

During his time at the Tribune, he is noted for having contributed to numerous other journals and periodicals.

Curtis, George

Appleton lists Curtis as a chief contributor to his publication.

Stedman, Edmund

Appleton lists Stedman as a chief contributor to his publication

Stoddard, Richard

Appleton lists Stoddard as a chief contributor to his publication

Twain, Mark [pages:648-649, 648(ill.)]

While mining for gold in Nevada, Twain became the editor for the Virginia City "Enterprise" in 1862.

Ward, Artemus [pages:412-413]

In 1862, Browne travelled to California and Utah to gather material for what would later become his humorist depiction of Mormon life. These sketches soon gained tremedous popularity.

Winter, William

Appleton lists Winter as a chief contributor to his publication