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Diaries, Vol. 3

Gunn, Thomas Butler. Diaries, Vol. 3. Missouri History Museum, 1851.
personal record

Covers the period from November 1 to December 30, 1851.

People who Created this Work

Gunn, Thomas author

People Mentioned in this Work

Brougham, John [pages:13, 49]
Montez, Lola [pages:20, 37, 48]

Gunn mentions Lola Montez: "Sunday. Drawing till 8 in the evening. The Barnum and Lola Montez affair" (20).

Gunn mentions Montez while describing his evening: "Evening, making a portrait of Lola Montez on wood, from a very fine engraving Holbrook had brought. Finished it by midnight" (37).

Gunn states, "Much talk of the Forrest Case, and of Lola Montez, who ere long appears at the Broadway, some declaring her to be an angel, others an ugly, vicious old woman" (48).